Blink Eight Times

tram stations

The Interdimensional Travel Reader

Hello, are you standing beside a yellow advertising column?
No? Then please go back here, it will explain how to get there...
Yes? Then read on.

Oh there you are at last, dear traveller.
And here I am, Anna Kpok.
I wrote this book in order to take you on a journey that I occasionally take. I’d like to be your travel companion. Again and again on this journey, you will be the one that chooses where to go. And I will accompany you.
Just as it should be.

Does all this seem familiar? Are you reminded of a book you once read, a game you played?

There’s a reason for this. How could things be any different? One thing leads to another. Nothing stands alone. Everything is a further development of something, everything has grown out of something else. Everything stands in relation to everything else, in a system of circular dependencies. Our world is cyclical—sometimes more like a back and forth between two stops—and everything is always there. Simultaneously. Nothing disappears and nothing is new. As you know, where there’s light, there’s shadow. Except maybe in the desert at the equator around noon.

An eternal circle. And one day, it will all be yours.

See? That sentence didn’t belong there at all.

But it’s there all the same. It pushed its way into this text, because everything is always there. Did you recognize it?

What’s visible to you at the moment only depends on your attitude, on the configuration, on the filter, on the perspective.

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed? Losing interest in reading this? Stay with me here, trust me. In a moment we’ll get going for real.

Feel this book you’re holding in your hands, and by doing so, take my hand in yours. I wrote it for you with my hands. Typed it. One hand still remains in the book. And so do I. As long as you don’t put it down.

We’re about to ride the tram together. The 107 line.

I’m already familiar with all this. Been here a long time. And I’m prepared for you. I planned the route carefully and got everything ready for you. Are you honoured? That’s nice. I’ve been looking forward to seeing you and taking this trip together.

You’re still standing at the advertising column. Are there stones there? Is it your first time in Essen, in this exact spot? By all means, take your time and look around before you continue reading.

Now that you’ve had your share of looking around, read on. Let’s walk to the tram together right now.