Blink Eight Times

Let's go

In your hands you hold the Interdimensional Travel Reader—our story can now begin!
But before things
really take off and we embark together on our journey, please head to the starting point: we will begin at the Ruhrtriennale advertising column. You will recognize it by its yellow colour.

If you are currently at the main train station, Essen Hauptbahnhof, please take the “Freiheit” exit. That’s where you’ll find the advertising column. If you don’t see it right away, look towards the street.

If you’re at the PACT Zollverein building, walk over to the main entrance. You will see the advertising column there.

Close the book and head over there without further ado. Once you make it to the advertising column, open back up to this page—and continue reading only then. Please close the book now. Off you go!

Are you there? At the advertising column? Excellent. Now the two of us, our story, our interdimensional journey can begin.

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