Blink Eight Times

tram stations

I’ve prepared two maps for you so we won’t lose each other on our journey. I marked the path that we will take from the advertising column to the tram stop. Follow the small dots on the map, they will guide you. Please be careful and alert. You are surrounded by people, trains and cars, birds, garbage and dog excrement—all of which might cross our path unexpectedly at any moment. In principle, the route is quite simple and it is unlikely you’ll go astray.

  • If you’re standing at the main train station, Essen Hauptbahnhof, open MAP A and follow the dots to the stop for the 107 tram towards Gelsenkirchen Hbf/Hanielstr./Katernberg Schleife, found on track 1 in the subway station. Once you arrive there, continue reading on page 4.
  • If you are at the PACT Zollverein building, open MAP B and follow the dots to the Katernberg stop at 255 Gelsenkirchener Strasse. Follow my directions on the map until you arrive at the stop and have found a good place to read. Then continue reading on page 67.