Blink Eight Times

Departure from Katernberg

Great, you’ve made it to the Abzw. Katernberg tram stop.

Soon we’ll get on the 107 towards Essen Bredeney/Essen Hauptbahnhof, and exit at the stop Ernestinenstrasse. Take a second to get your bearings and then go to the rear section of track 1.

Now please stand at the glass house there. You have a good view of the information board from here—but please stay with me for now. Let’s get our bearings:

Where are you right now? You’re at a transit stop—but where exactly? Beside the tracks—but where exactly? What kind of a structure are you at? Do you feel your body and the forces that surround you? Are you finding the mood a bit too pathetic for an adventure? Are you wondering what I want from you? I want to put you in a certain mood, because I’m guiding you on an

interdimensional journey.

It’s a pretty big word, I know. Don’t be afraid. As I said, I’ve done this many times before and I’m a professional. On this trip, it’s up to you. I won’t show you everything I see. I will present you with possibilities and you’ll have to decide for yourself. As you’ve noticed already, you don’t read this in a straight line. Our journey is not a simple from-A-to-B and then goodbye forever. You’ll decide where I should lead you and what you want to see. No matter what you decide, I will accompany you—together forever and never to part, together forever we two. Are you ready?

Great, then let’s take a look at page 68 together.